puzzle game
Download the puzzle game for linux. You can get it here . The program requires the SDL.

This is a simple puzzle game. It is an implementation of the puzzle game from the old C64 game Impossible Mission. The idea is to combine the 36 tiles in sets of 4, such that each set of 4 makes a solid block. Clicking on the tiles on the left toggles them. A tile can't be turned on if it overlaps with any existing on tiles. The lone rectangle on the right is the combination of all the on tiles. Clicking on that is an easy way to turn all tiles off.

When 4 tiles combine to make a solid block, they vanish. The goal is to get rid of all the tiles. There is no score or timer. Just do it for the intellectual exercise.

The game requires SDL. If you're on linux probably just typing 'make' will build it. Run the game with "puzzle". Exit by hitting the escape key.

This code is released under the GPL.

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