Some of my writings, ordered with newest first
Who am I?

Ths is about a simple look at general relativity
This is about regularly spaced random events can be generated and their nature.
This is about how Everything Exists
This is about my vision of The Future
This is a one about The Obsessive
This one is the third in the Black Hole series, about Black Holes And Supernovae.
This one is about The Gluttony of Michael Moore and Kevin Smith
This one explores Is The Universe Computable
Here's one about the sick joke that is Google Play
Here is an essay on Distributed Production
Here is an essay about black holes acting as cosmic recyclers
Here is an ongoing record of Stories From My Father
Here is my essay about Life and how it exists.
Here is my essay on Carver Mead's Collective Electrodynamics
This is about the Convex Rind.
This one is about why The Universe exists.
This one is about Election Reform in the US.
This one is about The Placebo Effect.
This one is about Alexender Franklin Mayer's Theory of Everything
This is a review of Jeff Hawkins' book On Intelligence
This is a review of the book Spikes: Exploring the Neural Code.
This one is about Iffy Arguments.
This one is related to the Immune system and offers an approach to solving auto-immune diseases and tissue rejection.
This one is about Black Holes.
This one is a call for the U.S. to start a Brain Race .

Other writings by other people

Richard Feynman and the Connection Machine
Assassination Politics by Jim Bell
The Coming Technological Singularity by Vernor Vinge
How To Flirt
A Computational Model Of Ant Nest Morphogenesis
Google's Number Recognition Scheme
Eyewire - a game and also way to help science understand neurons better.
Crosshatch Shader
Parallax Mapping